Add the Sea. Sailing trips focused on learning experiences

Reset yourself + focus = learn more

People responsible for personnel or budgets greatly impact the direction of their company. As a leading figure, they shape the working atmosphere while being a representative, both internally and externally. Good leadership requires a level-headed approach, an absolute talent for motivating and an embodied work philosophy that is authentically projected to the outside world.

All these qualities and characteristics that are so typical of managers are based on skill, experience and attitude. Only those who can focus on the essential can inspire others in their teams and win them over for a cause. The essential here is nothing abstract or remote – the essential is you. You yourself.

Add the Sea takes you on a journey that promotes and demands many different personality aspects. We are firmly convinced that sailing trips create the ideal breeding ground for this. The sheer endless vastness and uncertainty of the sea help us reset our inner compass and relax. It is in this context that the team from Add the Sea acts on the essential adjustment screws of management development.

add the sea wave

Add the Sea Founder Michael Taraschewski on the power of sailing trips

Why should companies put their managers, staff and teams on a sailing ship for acquiring further skills and training?

Learning on a ship is an effective method of creating sustainable values, firmly anchoring knowledge and ensuring that things get moving – in heads, in teams, in companies. What may seem to be a luxury is a highly effective, intensive learning experience, and 24 hours a day at that. We are neither a recreational event nor an incentive.

What gave you the idea?

My own experience. On my many sailing trips, I noticed that the sea is the ideal place to deal with topics intensively and undisturbed and to learn something new. Then I had the idea: I would get people out of stuffy seminar rooms and encourage them to abandon their routine, to see seminars as a great opportunity and not as a chore, and that at sea. We stimulate both body and mind.

What differentiates Add the Sea from other sailing operators?

At Add the Sea, it is all about a holistic learning experience and not about learning to sail.

Sure, those on board the ship who wish to lend a hand are welcome to do so – but that can be decided by the persons themselves spontaneously. Our focus is on the learning experience on topics such as management, personality, health and lots of other seminar content that we are happy to customise. Add the Sea can also be used as a floating innovation camp, just to give an example. The sea is a place of inspiration and encounter, and it is my goal with other people to make things move.

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Thinking in the long term, acting effectively – Add the Sea stimulates potential

The team from Add the Sea is a committed group in which each member is recognised as an individual person. For us, management development is the crux of the matter, conceived as a 24/7 experience, up close. We do that purposely to differentiate ourselves from the masses. Management training at Add the Sea is tailored to your needs and focused on a goal.

Sailing trips for learning experiences on the high sea stimulate hidden potential that creates long-term values. As individual as each of us are, we thus create a foundation for taking focused action. In a place removed from time and space, board members, management team members, managers responsible for personnel or budgets, project leaders or startup personalities experience something that arouses their curiosity.

Add the Sea understands management development to be an experience in which learning is key. In a situation completely detached from day-to-day routine, where time or space no longer domineer, new things are quickly and effectively assimilated. On our sailing trips, you will come into contact with the best coaches and will see for yourself just how productive this coming together will be ultimately. And that at any time, 24/7 – at sea.

“A ship is safe in harbour, but that is not what ships are for.”
William Shedd

Redirect your focus

Effective leadership is closely related to a holistic understanding of things. Nothing that can be observed when completely detached from the matter. And yet they are more or less interlinked. Within the context of company management, this is something of absolute practical relevance since leadership qualities spread to the employees. We at Add the Sea take yours on board and provide an environment to promote management development in all its various aspects.

Our focus is on your personality, nourished by experience and expertise. On our sailing trips with a learning experience, you need not give a thought to anything else, you alone use your time together on board for a new focus – on yourself. A profound understanding of yourself will guide you and contribute to accepting challenges. All your leadership skills will be redefined by our experienced team of experts.

Add the Sea stands for an authentic experience based on interaction with real people and in a completely new context. We do everything we can to make your sailing trip as relaxing as possible. The learning experiences that you will have with each other on board, 24/7, can be used immediately and powerfully. Our management training is coaching and seminars, adventure trip and communications platform all rolled into one – place your trust in our experienced team and rediscover yourself in an intensive way.