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At Add the Sea, we firmly believe that personality and an understanding of ourselves are the foundation for good people management and happy employees. We help you redefine your leadership skills, motivate people, master challenges together and develop a healthy, successful and deeply humane corporate culture. Add the Sea avails of a network of very experienced trainers and coaches from Germany, Switzerland and Spain with a wide range of topic and seminar focuses, who share our convictions and guarantee high quality.

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Skipper, Trainer and Life Coach

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Specialised training sessions, inspiration & health on board, on land or at sea
Onboarding for knowledge and fitness

“I founded Add the Sea to inspire others. It is important to me that people once again learn to focus on the essential, acquire knowledge effectively and thus create new values.” (Michael Taraschewski)

Michael is the CEO and founder of Add the Sea, and he is a qualified skipper as well. In addition to his job as CEO of Sonntagnacht GmbH, he has also worked for many years as a trainer, coach and designer. He shares his expertise in presentations and seminars with participants from corporations and medium-sized enterprises as well as at major events. Michael’s private passions include free diving, lots of endurance sport, targeted strength training and yoga. At Add the Sea, Michael is also active on board in training and coaching: he teaches presentation techniques, meditation and particularly, Pranayama exercises for proper, natural breathing.


Homeopathic Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Coach

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Coaching & training on board or on land
Onboarding for clarity and further development

Ulrich is our head coach. At Add the Sea, he is responsible for personal development, team building and executive coaching. He directs the seminar programme in these areas and conducts training and one-on-one coaching sessions himself on board as well as at selected locations on land along the sailing route. Apart from the seminars, Ulrich is available for individual questions, personal clarification or confidential discussions as well as individual work on health and life issues.

Ulrich has been working since 1995 as a homeopathic practitioner in his own practice. His specialised areas are psychotherapy, psychosomatics and awareness training. In his practice, he works with clients in one-on-one sessions. On company premises, he trains and coaches management and teams.


Certified Relaxation Pedagogue, Business Coach

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Personal development & relaxation on board, on land or outdoors
Onboarding for health and relaxation

Claudia is a business coach and certified pedagogue who is in close touch with nature. As a sailor, her heart is set on the sea.

At Add the Sea, she is responsible for preventative training, team building and health coaching. Her particular specialities include health-oriented management and burn-out prevention.

Claudia has been working for many years as a freelance business coach. She practises yoga and mindfulness training to be fit and clear-headed for her many tasks. As often as she can, she kicks off her high heels to don hiking or running shoes. She enjoys sharing these experiences with her participants and thus comes up with a very effective, broad-ranging seminar programme. What Claudia likes about her seminars is the practical application and the many interactive exercises.


Personal Coach & Personal Yoga Trainer

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Yoga & relaxation on board or on land
Onboarding for health and a new sense of physical well-being

As a personal yoga trainer (American Yoga Alliance ® certified), Mie-Sook is open-minded and enjoys passing on her yoga of the 21st century to all participants. Hers is a yoga that is intensive yet winds down. It is a very special experience that can be perfectly tied in holistically with all of Add the Sea’s seminars and coaching sessions. Mie-Sook teaches a modern yoga that combines strength, endurance and flexibility in an ideal way. Her yoga is the type of personal training that can be particularly well adapted to the individual capabilities of the participant.

“I am fascinated by the immediately noticeable effect of yoga on the body and mind. In my lessons you are allowed not only to sweat, but also to laugh. Fun and exertion do not have to be mutually exclusive – after all, they should be teamed up.”

As a personal coach, she and her team at Add the Sea are just the right contact for all participants who are into sport and health. All those who would like to become involved in this very special type of sport prior to the sailing trip or more intensively afterwards can inform themselves here or contact Mie-Sook directly.

Stephan Brennecke

Pantry Coach & Nutritionist

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Gourmet cooking & lifestyle
Onboarding for a gourmet experience

Stephan is the head chef at Add the Sea or to be correct, the “chief cook”. His career is like himself – widely varied with plenty of character. He has cooked for presidents and ambassadors, has been at home in prestigious hotels and has shown just what he can do on a few TV programmes.

He currently heads his own gastronomy service ( Thanks to his experience as a ship’s cook on the most beautiful luxury yachts, we at Add the Sea can be sure that the sustenance of our guests will be well catered for.

When it comes to cooking, quality, freshness and a selection of regional products are paramount to him. If our guests suddenly happen to get a craving for a cooking course, then Stephan is just the right guy to see about that.